National Forests in North Carolina Basic Ownership Layer

Jul 26, 2019 (Last modified Aug 13, 2019)
Uploaded by Chelsea Leitz
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An area depicted as surface ownership parcels dissolved on the same ownership classification.

EDW Layer: S_USA.BasicOwnershipNC

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USDA Forest Service - Automated Lands Program (ALP)
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Automated Lands Program (ALP)
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USDA Forest Service Automated Lands Program (ALP)
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About the Uploader

Chelsea Leitz
Regional Inventory, Monitoring, Assessment and Climate Change Coordinator with USFS

I am a member of the Planning Unit staff area at the Regional Office in Atlanta for the USFS. From August - November 2019, I detailed at the National Forests in North Carolina Supervisor's Office in Asheville as the All Lands Data Program Manager.