North Carolina Wildlife Quick Start Map

Jan 20, 2021 (Last modified Feb 23, 2021)
Created by Chelsea Leitz
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This map serves as a quick start map to display wildlife activity and priorities in the state of North Carolina.

Layers include:
  1. Administrative boundaries in North Carolina for all NC managed areas, as well as the National Forests boundaries.
  2. 2015 NC State Wildlife Action Plan - HUC 12 Priorities
  3. Prioritizing Road Segments for Wildlife Crossings (check the box to turn on layers in map)
    1. Large Species Model
    2. Small Species Model

About the Map Author

Chelsea Leitz
Regional Inventory, Monitoring, Assessment and Climate Change Coordinator with USFS

I am a member of the Planning Unit staff area at the Regional Office in Atlanta for the USFS. From August - November 2019, I detailed at the National Forests in North Carolina Supervisor's Office in Asheville as the All Lands Data Program Manager.