All Lands Strategy in Western North Carolina

The All Lands Strategy is collaboratively developed by local, state and federal government agencies, conservation interests and local stakeholders to prioritize, coordinate and better deliver conservation services across all lands in Western North Carolina.  The strategy was started in 2019 with partners including, the USFS, NCFS, TNC, NRCS, NCWRC, and many others. 

The priorities of the All Lands Working Group are: 
  1. Reduce wildfire risks to communities through increased fire management.
  2. Restore fire adapted forests to benefit wildlife and fire adapted species.
  3. Treat nonnative invasive species.   
  4. Promote shortleaf pine restoration, providing for pollinator and wildlife habitats, healthy and productive forests, and fire resilience. 
  5. Protect and improve fish and wildlife populations and their terrestrial and aquatic habitats.
  6. Improve water quality for the 4.9 million people across the South East reliant on clean and abundant water from WNC.
Success for this strategy includes measurably improving health and resilience of the land, water, forest, and human community across Western North Carolina.  By focusing conservation efforts on the priorities above and working together across all lands the whole of this strategy will be greater than the sum of the parts.